The Top 10 Reasons Why You Won’t Buy A Verizon iPhone!

I’m a Verizon man. I was once an AT&T man. Then one day AT&T gave me the worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with in my life. Not long after that AT&T was bought out by Cingular. The customer service got worse, so I left Cingular. Somewhere along the way Cingular became AT&T again. I don’t know what happened there, but I switched to Verizon. I’ve been extremely happy at Verizon. They know customer service. They know their products. Then Apple released the iPhone to AT&T. I was tempted to switch back, but something told me that it wouldn’t be a good experience. Granted, I might have the iPhone, but I’d be with poor coverage and poor customer service. For me, that was not a fair trade-off. Well, I’m sure everyone’s heard by now: Verizon is getting an iPhone. Even though I’m excited to hear that (Mostly because my best friend in the world works for Verizon) I’m torn on getting the iPhone. Granted, it is appealing, but I have my reasons right now why I won’t get one. I have a Droid X and I love it, but an iPhone…Well, I might be uber-awesome if I got one, right?

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Happy Birthday To Me!

I know this is lame, but this is my blog today: I’m now 38. Happy birthday to me. This will be my blog as part of the “Blog a Day Challenge.”

God bless. Take care.

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Gabrielle Giffords, Mark E. Kelly, and a Message to the Press and Politicians

It’s hard to find the exact words to express the kind of weekend this was. When my wife and I first saw the news break concerning the shooting in Arizona we went from disbelief to shock to anger and finally profound sadness. On Sunday my wife saw a snippet of an interview with the father of 9 year old Christina Taylor Green who was murdered during the attempted assassination of Gabrielle Giffords. As Christina’s father described his daughter and her life (She was born on 9/11), my wife and I quietly wept. Painful. So incredibly painful.

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Elijah Wood Signs On To Be In The Film “The Hobbit”

I was pretty excited to read this news. I know for anyone who has read The Hobbit might be wondering how Frodo Baggins will be incorporated into the two films. I won’t say here, but instead I will link the article that discusses how this will happen. My wife and I are huge fans of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and we love Peter Jackson. I, for one, was elated to read that he was taking over the director’s chair from Guillermo Del Toro (Del Toro would have been a great choice, but no better choice than Jackson in my opinion).

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Absolutely Horrifying: Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Shot Point Blank in Tucson, Arizona

Update: I stand corrected. Gabrielle Giffords has NOT passed away. She is in critical condition after surgery.

My update above brings me to something I want to blog about in the future: The media and their incorrect reporting. I had read an article earlier today stating Congresswomen Giffords had passed away and was shot at point blank with a shotgun. This story was NOT true. I am disgusted and do apologize if I offended anyone. I will be cautious in the future at blogging in situations like these.

Update: Gabrielle Giffords wounds were fatal and she has passed away. Extremely sad news.

My wife and I just caught wind of this on television. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), was just shot outside a Safeway in Arizona. According to the news report we just watched, she was shot point-blank in the head. There was another report that stated she had passed away, but according to ABC that report may have been false and she may currently be in surgery.

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“This Is It” Producer Kenny Ortega Killed Michael Jackson?

This Is It producer Kenny Ortega killed Michael Jackson? That’s what Katherine Jackson might have everyone believe. I seriously couldn’t believe what I was reading when I ran across this on Actually, I was on Google News when I saw this headline. The list of who killed Michael gets longer and longer when Katherine is involved!

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History Channel Scraps Miniseries “The Kennedys”

I had no idea a miniseries about John and Jackie Kennedy had been shot. When I stumbled upon an article today discussing how The History Channel had canceled the miniseries from their network, I became perplexed. It stars Greg Kinnear as the president and Katie Holmes as Jackie. That sounds like a couple of decent actors! I mean, Greg Kinnear is an Oscar nominated actor (As Good As It Gets). And Katie Holmes? Well, we all know she propelled a man to dance on Oprah’s couch. What in the world could have caused this miniseries to get pulled from The History Channel?

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