Getting A 7 Month Old To Sleep

I wrote a blog several months ago about our daughter and the infamous “family bed”. I write “infamous” because it’s controversial to have your baby sleep in your bed with you, apparently (insert eye roll here). We had her sleep with us originally because she rolled over at a very early age. Once she did roll over, she had a tendency to sleep directly on her face. Of course, our fear was SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Now that our daughter is 7 months old our fears have been subsided for some time, but getting her to sleep in her crib has been an incredible challenge.

We read about the Ferber Method, which has received a bad impression over the years as the “let your baby cry themselves to sleep” method. In further reading, that is not the actual method. However, we have slowly tried a night routine of bath time, play time, story time, and then into her crib and leave the room. When she cries, we come back and check on her without picking her up. At about the 3-4th time of checking on her she has usually reached a heightened state of panic and crying and we’re resolved to picking her up. From the time we put her down to when we finally get her out of her crib is usually about 10 minutes.

My wife breast feeds. The last feeding of the night we’ve tried putting her in her bed right afterwards due to the fact she usually falls asleep during her last feeding. I’ve warmed up a towel in the dryer and placed it in her crib to get the mattress warm. We’ve placed her in her crib asleep (I remove the towel beforehand), but after a half an hour she’s usually awake and freaked out.

Basically, we haven’t tried these techniques long, but thus far they don’t seem to be working. Is there any suggestions out there?


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2 Responses to Getting A 7 Month Old To Sleep

  1. Kate says:

    I am no expert (our daughter is only 7.5 weeks old and so far is going down to sleep without too many problems but I like the Baby Whisperers ‘pick up put down’ method which is exactly as it sounds – you pick them then put them straight down. You might need to do it over and over to start with but it builds their trust (apparently) without making a rod for your back by having them want you to hold them all the time. Good luck!

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