If I Had A Time Machine…

If I had a time machine what would I do? Where, actually when, would I go? That’s a great question. I’ve heard many people asked this question before. Want to know the common answer I’ve heard? It’s usually, “I would kill Hitler.” What? Kill Hitler? Yes, that’s the common answer. I never quite understood that. Why would someone go back and kill Hitler? I’m not questioning the intention or desire of wanting to rid the world of a mass murderer and psychopath. No, no, no…I truly understand wanting to do that. Yet, you know what separates us from Hitler? The fact that we can’t kill, including the mass murdering psychopath.

Killing someone isn’t easy. I’m not speaking from experience or desire. Listen to a war veteran who has taken a life. They’ll tell you: I didn’t want to kill. So, scratch that from my list. I am way under qualified for that. I’ve also heard this one before in response to If I Had A Time Machine…Can you guess what I heard? If you’re thinking money you’re getting warmer. I’ve heard “I would buy Microsoft stock at the very beginning.” Yeah, I wouldn’t mind doing that too, but in getting rich wouldn’t you worry about who you’d become? You know what I’m talking about. Don’t sit there at your computer, reading this blog, shaking your head as if to say, “C’mon idiot. I’d be me! I would still be me!”

Right. Keep telling yourself that. Do you know why we remember people like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Oprah Winfrey? It isn’t because they came up with ideas and became rich and built big houses. Seriously. There’s a lot of people who have done that. Many of them you don’t know at all. The reason why we remember those people is because of how much money they made, and how much money they gave away. A lot! Don’t argue. They did. They have. They continue too. So, if you decided to go back in time, buy a bunch of Microsoft stock, would you be prepared to become something entirely different? Would you give some of that back or just hoard it? Don’t kid yourself. People do weird things when they get money. It’s rare they do the right thing.

Back to the question: What would I do if I had a time machine? Well, not the two things I mentioned above. I wouldn’t kill Hitler. I wouldn’t buy Microsoft stock. I guess the question I’d ask is this: Can I go back more than once, to different times, and return home? Just say yes. There’s a lot I’d do. To start: I wouldn’t go back before January 11th, 1973. I want to be sure I don’t affect anything to do with my birth. I like being alive. This is a tough question to answer when you put thought into it! However, I think I know what I would do.

I would first go back to when I was four years old, living on a ranch in Northern Washington State. I would watch myself watching the sun set. I remember being in awe of it. I want to see if my memory serves me correct. I would jump about a year later and see if that horse really did buck me off. My uncle says it did, but I still wonder if my uncle pushed me off of the horse. Long story. I would go forward in time from there to when I was ten years old marching into the woods with my father. I was carrying a rifle and preparing to learn to shoot. I remember I was scared and angry all at once. Ten was a tough age for me. There was a lot going on that year. There was a lot going on in my mind that day. I would want to see the look on my face. To this day my father tells me I get the same scrunched up, frowning glare.

I would go to fourteen from their. That was my first real kiss. Yes, I had kissed a girl before that, but nothing like at fourteen. I would then go to seventeen. I punched a bully in the nose. It was the perfect punch. He bled everywhere and my best friend at that time was spared a horrible beating. Two weeks later I got the crap beat out of me by a member of the basketball team I played on. Those two incidents deserve  a second viewing. The victory and then the defeat.

I would flash forward about 3 months later as I hugged the first girl I ever loved goodbye. She was a beautiful Norwegian blonde. It wasn’t the fact she was beautiful that attracted me to her, but what I knew about her. She was an incredible person. We never kissed. We never had any physical intimate moments. We were friends. We hugged at times. We spoke to each other a lot. When she left and went back to Norway it was the first time I felt physical pain due to emotional loss in my life. Years later we have both become friends on Facebook. She’s still an incredible person and a great mother.

There are many other times I would want to go back and observe myself. I guess that’s the point. I wouldn’t want to do anything else, but observe my own life. There isn’t anything I would want to change in this world. I’m not writing that because I wouldn’t want to stop evil or become rich. Those are things that anyone would want to do. I’m writing that because if I was meant to do those things it would have happened. Besides, isn’t it important to live for now and try to pave a road for a better future?

That’s what I think, if anyone cares. 😉


About Modern American Man

I'm a blogger from the Pacific Northwest who wants to create dialogue about American culture.
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