President Obama’s Speech to Tucson Survivors

I watched President Obama’s speech to the survivors of the shooting in Tucson, Arizona today when I got home from work. I was able to find it on YouTube. One thing struck me when the speech ended: He didn’t have to spend any time defending his words to anyone. That is a stark contrast to other “politicians” who are spending a great deal of time not providing words of encouragement or remorse, but instead having to defend their poor choices in the past. I wrote a blog a few days ago calling for political powers and media to “Shut up”. Today, I embrace what I’ve heard from President Obama.

As a father of four, with three girls (One who is seven months old) and one boy, I can not only weep over the pain that Christina’s parents feel, but I can see in Obama’s face the hurt in knowing a sweet, precious, lovely young lady has lost her life so tragically at the hands of evil. Every parent lives with the fear of losing a child. No parent wants them to go first. We all pray to go first. Today, I pray for Christina’s parents who have suffered a tragedy I cannot fathom. God bless you.

Obama’s speech below:


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