Elijah Wood Signs On To Be In The Film “The Hobbit”

I was pretty excited to read this news. I know for anyone who has read The Hobbit might be wondering how Frodo Baggins will be incorporated into the two films. I won’t say here, but instead I will link the article that discusses how this will happen. My wife and I are huge fans of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and we love Peter Jackson. I, for one, was elated to read that he was taking over the director’s chair from Guillermo Del Toro (Del Toro would have been a great choice, but no better choice than Jackson in my opinion).

If you’re a fan of the books like myself, and if you’re a believer in Peter Jackson’s skills as a director, then I’m sure you’re excited for these films. I would say they are my most anticipated films in the next 3 years.

Here’s the article that discusses Elijah Wood’s role in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit:

Elijah Wood will be in ‘The Hobbit’ (and we know how!) | Hobbit Movie News and Rumors | TheOneRing.net™.


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