“This Is It” Producer Kenny Ortega Killed Michael Jackson?

This Is It producer Kenny Ortega killed Michael Jackson? That’s what Katherine Jackson might have everyone believe. I seriously couldn’t believe what I was reading when I ran across this on TMZ.com. Actually, I was on Google News when I saw this headline. The list of who killed Michael gets longer and longer when Katherine is involved!

Although I was originally one of the folks who thought Michael had molested children, I later sided with the idea that I’ll never know and that it’s more than likely he did not. Granted, he did have strange personality quirks. He did do weird things, but have you seen people who have grown up in the public spotlight their entire life? Many of them have strange social anxieties or just don’t know how to act in public. Michael was part of that group.

I think this is really getting out of hand. It also solidifies the publics already skewed perception of Michael’s family when his mother is accusing people who appear to have nothing to do with Michael Jackson’s death. Someone with the legal balls needs to step in and shut this woman down. Just let the man rest in peace! Here’s the article:

‘This Is It’ Producer: I Didn’t Cause Michael’s Death


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