History Channel Scraps Miniseries “The Kennedys”

I had no idea a miniseries about John and Jackie Kennedy had been shot. When I stumbled upon an article today discussing how The History Channel had canceled the miniseries from their network, I became perplexed. It stars Greg Kinnear as the president and Katie Holmes as Jackie. That sounds like a couple of decent actors! I mean, Greg Kinnear is an Oscar nominated actor (As Good As It Gets). And Katie Holmes? Well, we all know she propelled a man to dance on Oprah’s couch. What in the world could have caused this miniseries to get pulled from The History Channel?

Well, when I read a little deeper into the article, there it was in black and white (Quoted from USAToday.com):

The channel had talked up the eight-part project, filmed last year, and produced by Joel Surnow (24), and had tentatively set an early March premiere date. But Surnow, an avowed conservative, raised suspicions over his agenda, and early on Kennedy family supporters cast aspersions on historical inaccuracies in an early draft of the script. The network had stood by the project, despite its liberties with some details of the Kennedy family, but apparently got cold feet after pressure was said to be exerted by its owners: Disney, Hearst and NBC Universal.

It’s that word “liberties”. Everyone’s allowed to have an agenda, but why is it always surrounded with adding controversy on top of an already controversial life? John, Jackie, Robert, Teddy, John Jr…They’re dead. As Americans, at what point will we allow the dead to rest in peace? I’m not saying make a miniseries glorifying them like Gods, but we’ve already heard of the adultery, shaky deals, threats, and so on surrounding the Kennedy’s. Quite frankly, how do we know any of it is undeniably true?

Here’s the article below that caught my curiosity while surfing:

History scraps ‘Kennedys’ – Live From: Live Event and Entertainment Coverage – USATODAY.com.


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