Case Dismissed Against Howard K. Stern–Anna Nicole Smith’s Ex-Boyfriend

I don’t know why this has intrigued me so much. I’m not into celebrity gossip and court cases. Most of the time I end up making fun of celebrities for their strange behavior and unusual way of dealing with problems. However, the case involving the ex-boyfriend of Anna Nicole Smith is interesting. I don’t know why I found this entire real life drama to be so interesting, but maybe it’s because at one point there was a beautiful baby girl involved. Somehow this whole thing has metamorphosed into this case against Howard K. Stern.

I remember Howard from Anna’s reality show some years ago. To this day, it’s the only celebrity reality show I ever watched in full. I always thought Howard was a nerd. Granted, it’s not really fair for me to judge him, but that’s the way I thought of him. The article below details what happened to cause the case to be dropped. Give it a read:

Case dismissed against Anna Nicole Smith boyfriend | Reuters.


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3 Responses to Case Dismissed Against Howard K. Stern–Anna Nicole Smith’s Ex-Boyfriend

  1. michellefrommadison says:

    Nancy Grace is proven wrong about her accusations about the guilt of Howard Stern in yet another matter. At least Nancy is consistent, she’s been proven to be wrong on every issue thus far. People that actually know the Law obviously continue to disagree with Nancy Grace and some have even commented that Nancy has never been correct even one time in her analysis of any case she talks about. More lawsuits against Nancy Grace are expected. Judge drops conspiracy charges against Howard Stern

    • Thanks for the reply Michelle. I need to read up on Nanacy Grace.

      • michellefrommadison says:

        There’s a lot, so pace yourself. Ever since she paid off the family of the mother of a missing child she conceded that Nancy herself caused the death of, she’s been paying out settlement offers left and right to avoid the scrutiny of the media getting a hold of her actions against other victims and she’s running scared again.

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