Video With My Droid X of Police at End of Car Chase

I had an interesting experience on New Year’s Eve. I was heading to pick up my son, 12 years old, and my daughter, 14 years old, to spend New Years with my wife and their baby half-sister, 7 months old. Out of nowhere I see a truck racing through the intersection chased by several police vehicles. One police vehicle hits the truck from behind. The truck spun around once until it was facing the police vehicles. Almost immediately I see a man with a pony tail stick his hands out of the window of the truck and yell something that sounded like, “Don’t shoot!”

The police exited their vehicles and proceeded to draw weapons. They were fully loaded! They got the man out of the truck, cuffed him, and began to get traffic out of the area. The police were extremely professional. I captured some of the exchange on my Droid X and wanted to share it with you. See the video below:


About Modern American Man

I'm a blogger from the Pacific Northwest who wants to create dialogue about American culture.
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2 Responses to Video With My Droid X of Police at End of Car Chase

  1. The video is still processing. Hopefully ready soon. Sorry for any delays.

  2. Video has been updated. Thanks for viewing.

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