What Makes Me Smile

I took a look today at the Post A Day Challenge. Unfortunately, my work can create long days and I knew the WordPress challenge would be tough due to those long days and the sometimes tired state I get in by the time I get home. It can be hard to be inspired to write at the end of the day, which is why on those tough days (like today) I also knew it would be tough in deciding what makes me smile. Well, actually…It isn’t that tough. It’s easy to say what makes me smile: My wife and kids (both in equal order), my family and my friends. It would be too easy to put my wife, kids, and family. They always make me smile (with the exception of my mother, which is a whole other blog). There is one thing in particular that makes me smile in a way that is different from any other thing in my life and that is my best friend Joe.

Joe and I have been friends since 2000. We’ve had ten years of friendship that has seen us live together, and then live apart, live together again, and then live apart separated by about 300 miles. My wife and I moved home and we got within 70 miles of Joe again and then suddenly we stopped talking for a while. The time we weren’t talking was a very sad time in our lives that saw both my wife and I without our two best friends over something we got involved in that wasn’t our place to be involved in to begin with (my wife and Joe’s wife are also best friends–The perfect combination!). Once we all managed to find our way back together again I have had nothing but great laughs and pleasant smiles in connecting with my best friend, his wife (who, by the way, has an incredible singing voice), and their three young boys.

Although it’s been tough in the last year to hang out due to the busy lives we all lead, there is always comfort in knowing he’s OK, his wife is OK, and his boys are as energetic as ever! There’s always comfort in knowing that he’s with a woman who loves him dearly. There’s always comfort in knowing that he has three incredible boys who I love like my own sons.

Whenever we do get a chance to hang out, we are like two old buddies who’ve robbed banks together, shared a drunken stupor or two or three or four, cried over lost loves, and lived through each others tragedies. Funny thing is, we have lived through all those things together except the bank robberies (well, with the exception of that time while playing Grand Theft Auto).

My best friend makes me smile because I know I can always rely on him. I hope he knows he can always rely on me. Who couldn’t smile knowing that about anyone in this world? I’m just blessed to have more than one of those reliable people in my life. Joe is just on a short list of people who are the make of who I am. And what he knows is that laughter has always been the best medicine for me. For that, I am blessed.


About Modern American Man

I'm a blogger from the Pacific Northwest who wants to create dialogue about American culture.
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