What I Love: My Best Accomplishment of 2010–My Daughter

One of the writing challenges to keep the “Post A Day” ongoing is to discuss our Best Accomplishments of 2010. There are many things I could put on this list, but they would all pale in comparison to one thing: My daughter. As I’ve discussed briefly before, my wife has Multiple Sclerosis. After we married we had a very strict plan to have at least one baby, but we knew that with my wife approaching 30, with a family history of Hysterectomies, along with having Multiple Sclerosis, it could be difficult. We were settled on having just one child (I have 3 from a previous marriage who LOVE their baby sister) and we knew the pending struggle. Granted, the hard part could be getting pregnant, but as a man (and I say this with a grin) I was not too upset over trying many, many, many times over at getting my wife pregnant. 😉

My wife got pregnant not long after a trip to Hawaii to visit my dad and two brothers. It was a blessing that it wasn’t too difficult, but also a curse could I would have liked it to take about another month or two (Hahaha!). As the weeks turned into months my wife enjoyed the break from taking her Avonex medication for her MS, and she enjoyed the break from the MS related symptoms as well (which can occur during pregnancy). Soon the day approached for our daughter to be born. It was a long 36 hours of labor before the doctor finally told us “The baby’s stuck. We need to do a C-Section.”

We were quickly whisked away into surgery faster than you can say “Post A Day Challenge 2011” and the surgery began. I will quote what I said to my daughter (who is now 7 months old) about a week ago when I noticed she was watching me real closely on Christmas Eve as I was speaking to family. I told her all about her birth and how much Mommy and Daddy loved her the moment we saw her:

“The doctors took Mommy and Daddy into a room. It was really bright and everyone was being so helpful because we all wanted to meet you. The doctor told Mommy and Daddy to relax and just look at each other, so we did. Your Mommy was so beautiful and calm. I was shaking and nervous because I wanted to meet my little “Peanut” so bad. Within a few minutes you came out! The doctor said you were here and they took you to a table close by that had bright lights to keep you warm. You were crying, so Mommy asked Daddy to get close to you and touch you so you knew we were there. I got up from my stool and came over to where you were. I could see how wonderful and sweet and gorgeous you looked and my eyes were filled with tears. You kept crying and Mommy was telling you that it’s OK baby. Mommy’s right here. It’s OK. The nurses covered you in warm clothing and a blanket. I picked you up and brought you over to Mommy who was still getting help from the doctors. She was lying down, but she couldn’t hold you yet because the doctors were still helping Mommy. I put your cheek up against Mommy’s cheek so you could touch her. Mommy was crying. I was crying, but you were calm. You found your Mommy, and we found you.”

That is my best accomplishment of 2010…Being a father again.


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