Chris Brown Needs A Hug, Seriously

I don’t know whether this guy should be slapped or hugged, but seriously: He needs a hug. Chris Brown has truly made a name for himself in the media, and it hasn’t been for being an incredibly talented singer. At this point, after beating Rihanna, you would have thought he disappeared into the woodwork of could-have-beens. Just when he was nearly lost and forgotten (And done with his domestic violence rehabilitation) Chris comes back on Twitter with a series of homophobic tirades.

I don’t condone any of his behavior, but I’ve learned that sometimes a person needs a good hug, followed by a timeout (Does this sound parental or what?). I think in Chris’ case, he needs to be boycotted for life after his hug. He got too famous, too fast, didn’t know what to do with the success because no one taught him, and has spun out of control. The privilege of money and fame has been long since overused by this angry, volatile young man. The article below covers his latest antics.

Chris Brown Apologizes For Homophobic Raz-B Twitter Rant – Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV.


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