Happy New Years! Here’s a List of Things I’ll Never Do!

Every year I think about what my New Year’s Resolutions will be. For me, it’s a special time because my birthday is not long after the new year. I usually reflect upon the last year and begin to assess what I want to do different. I know many of us do this every new year. It’s a tradition. What I always find funny about myself is how outrageous my resolutions are. I can’t help but come up with things that I know I’ll never accomplish. As a manager of a large retail establishment, I’ve done this in the business with my associates: Make a work list that is impossible to achieve in hopes that they will get most of it done. As a manager, I’ve learned that doesn’t work. I have to be realistic. I have to set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely). This year, I’m hoping to apply this to my personal life: I want an achievable list.

As tradition goes, I know I’ll have some outlandish things on their this new year I’ll never be able to do in 365 days or less. So, I figured I’d put some of those things down here just to show how ridiculous they were. I also want to help anyone reading this know they aren’t alone; We’ve all made resolutions that we’ll never accomplish. Share yours if you read this blog. I’d love to see that I too am not alone. Here’s my crazy resolutions of the past:

  1. Write a book (I’d be lucky to get 10 pages in 10 months).
  2. Read 25 books (With four kids? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!).
  3. Rebuild a car (I should specify that I hate cars).
  4. Write two scripts (I wanted to be a filmmaker at one point in my life…Sigh).
  5. Run a marathon (I was a cross country runner in high school…20 years ago!)
  6. Start working on my A.A. Degree again (I never finished my A.A. Degree in college–Working 60 hours a week I’m sure I’d have plenty of time to do that now…Eh-em).
  7. Play less video games (I say this all year long. By quitting World of Warcraft I already cut that time down by 80% so I guess I kind of accomplished that, but I could still play less now).
  8. Learn how to create and program my own websites (I started ready a book about PHP programming several years back–I got about 2 pages in).
  9. Start working out again (We all have this one, right?).
  10. Try talking to my mother (Long story).

I could go on, but I won’t. This year my wife and I are going to take our lists to a new level: Mellow. We want to accomplish our goals instead of feeling the gut grinding pressure of never getting around to doing them.

Have a safe New Year. Drive carefully. Have fun with your lists!


About Modern American Man

I'm a blogger from the Pacific Northwest who wants to create dialogue about American culture.
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