World of Warcraft is the Friend We Love to Hate

I asked my wife recently, “How do you feel about me playing World of War…” I couldn’t get the entire sentence out before she cut me off and said, “Please don’t bring that into our home again!”

Bring that into our home? It’s not a person honey, I thought. It’s a game. After a while, I understood what she meant. Let’s agree: The game can be incredibly addicting. There are many urban legends about World of Warcraft. One of them being a man played the game in an internet bar somewhere in Asia and died after not eating or drinking anything for 3-4 days. Apparently he wasn’t noticed dead until several hours later. Although that may be fictitious, it still reminds one of the premise: Take WOW in moderation. The game will suck up your life and you’ll forget about everything else. Yes, it happened to me at one point. I became totally obsessed. I’d come home from work and play the game for hours. It was always for the same reason, which was, “I have a raid tonight.” Those five famous words will drive wedges between loved ones and make old people scratch their head (More than likely, an old person would be confused by this simply because they may envision a person dressed in military uniform charging a beach or complex).

Now that Cataclysm is out the idea of playing again has become tempting, but with a request from my wife I’ve decided to stay away from it. World of Warcraft is like that friend you go out with while you’re married. After a while, you find yourself going out with your friend a lot, and this gets you into hot water with the wife since most nights are long and end with you intoxicated. Pretty soon you have to cut off your friend to appease your wife. You kind of miss going out, getting drunk, and stumbling home at 3AM, but you realize this behavior no longer fits your lifestyle and you’d much rather keep your wife happy.

One day your friend calls you up for lunch. It’s innocent enough. He apologizes and says he’ll be good and respect your new married life. Soon a lunch turns into a dinner and then your friend says the very thing you were both hoping and dreading, “Let’s go out again for old time’s sake?” It isn’t long before you’re back into that old habit, and your wife is taking a weekend away to stay with her parents and think about the future of the marriage. Yes, World of Warcraft is that asshole friend who sucks up your life, gets you into trouble with your wife, promises to change, and then lures you right back into your old habits that eventually lead to your marital demise.  

For all you out there enjoying World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, remember one thing: I hate you.


About Modern American Man

I'm a blogger from the Pacific Northwest who wants to create dialogue about American culture.
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