Zack Snyder Directing Superman Reboot


I just read from that the director of 300 and Watchmen has been chosen to direct the Superman reboot “The Man of Steal”. There was a list of directors that included Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, Let Me In), Jonathan Liebesman (Battle: Los Angeles), Duncan Jones (Moon) and Tony Scott. Personally, I wasn’t really impressed with the list.

What concerns me about Zack Snyder is that he makes interesting films visually, but they are either over acted, or underwhelming. That is my opinion. Of course, there seems to be others who, like myself, love the character and are concerned with what this director will put on the screen and who he will choose to play the role. I think looking at his previous films and who acted in them might produce the answers. Most directors will use some of the same actors. Let’s see what leading men in Zack Snyder’s reboot of the Superman franchise might take on the leading role.  

One of Zack’s first films was Dawn of the Dead. There wasn’t a real big leading man in that film, but actor Jake Weber could be a possibility. Jake’s a typical character actor who’s bounced around some roles in a few small films and a few larger scale films. I personally remember him best for Meet Joe Black, but beyond that I don’t think he’s quite the chiseled man of steel Snyder is looking for. Not to mention I’m really not impressed with his acting skills.  

Actor Jake Weber

When looking at Snyder’s next film 300 it’s obvious as to who could take on the role of the Man of Steel: Actor Gerard Butler. The problem I have with Butler is he’s too big. He’s also getting older, and lately he’s had a string of pussy-boy romantic comedies that make me want to vomit. No thanks Gerard! Your ape like build and gentle love-making are not good enough for Superman!  

Actor Gerard Butler

After the popular 300,  Snyder directed the graphic novel turned film Watchmen. When I think of Watchmen I think of Patrick Wilson. Wilson has already donned a cape, and I personally believe he can act. His physique is strong-looking without coming off like a jungle ape like Gerard Butler. However, that hairline bro. It’s bananas. They’d need a year of Rogaine and black dye to get his hair just right! He probably wouldn’t work, but we’re getting closer.  

Actor Patrick Wilson

Lastly, we have Zack Snyder’s latest release. It’s called Sucker Punch. It’s got a lot of young women in it, and I’m personally not real familiar with the storyline. If you watch the trailer you’ll see it has Snyder’s usual visually stunning elements. While glancing at the casting list, I noticed one name that caught my eye. It was actor Jon Hamm. Jon Hamm is best known for his show Mad Men. My good friend recently blogged about his recent obsession with that show. When you look at Jon, he has all the elements of a Superman: Rugged looks, black hair, nice build without being huge, square jaw, and most of all…The man can act! The only problem with Jon is he’s 39. I’d imagine a young actor who can carry the franchise over 7-8 years and 3 films might take the role, but in my opinion Jon Hamm would be great–Even if for just one spectacular Superman film.  

Actor Jon Hamm

 Beyond that I’m not sure. What about Jake Gyllenhaal? What about James McAvoy, or possibly Chris Pine? They’re all young. They all have pretty decent acting skills (Although Pine is still up for debate). I guess we’ll see. Until then, I wait to see who they choose and what they’ll look like in the latest version of the classic Superman suit. 

 Good luck Zack. Don’t f#%k it up.


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