Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!

I must admit: I’m pretty excited for the last two Harry Potter films. My wife has turned me onto both the books and films, but as someone who loves film (and the filmmaking process) I am truly on pins and needles for the release of these final installments. Although I found it very “Hollywood-ish” to split the last book into two movies, trying to argue this point with my wife is rather hopeless.

She is quick to defend the actions of Warner Brothers by saying, “They had to! They had to! The book has far too much detail to not make it two movies! It should have been three movies!”

Point taken sweetheart.

I’ve become so intrigued by the world that’s been created in both the books and films that I could use six or seven more movies! I’m sure as long as these films are still pumping out money Warner would love to pump out more films. Sadly, J.K. Rowling will not bestow upon us more books about our beloved Harry Potter.

The end isn’t near yet. We have one film in November 2010 and another in July 2011. Even after the film is released one can still find solace in visiting the Harry Potter Theme Park in Florida. It wasn’t until the theme park was announced and opened that my wife even desired to go to Florida. Go figure. Below you’ll find the trailer to the films. On an added note: I find most of my movie news and trailers on a little blogging film site called First Showing. It’s not a bad place for a debate or two about the movie industry. Enjoy the trailer:


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