I Love the Way the Press Are Dumb Liars–Featuring Eminem and Rihanna

I’ve been reading a bit about the explosive new video from Eminem (or is it M&M? Em-and-M? |\/| and |\/|?) and Rihanna called I Love the Way You Lie. Granted, I’m not a huge fan of either. I don’t dislike them by any means. It’s just that their music doesn’t really interest me all that much. That is, until I started reading press about it.

The main phrase that consistently caught my attention over and over was “The video glorifies domestic violence”. Ok, that got my attention. Just to add to the mix, I found out that the video featured Megan Fox and our cuddly little Hobbit Merry Brandybuck aka Charlie from Lost aka Dominic Monaghan (in the video Dominic has more of a Charlie from Lost look–right down to the tattoos). I sat down to watch the video on Youtube expecting to see a horrifying beating of a person’s domestic partner followed by cheering and possibly fireworks. I also expected Eminem to rap something to the effect of “Look at this he/she gets what they deserve. I’m glad I get to rap about it. I want them to slap about it. I ain’t reserved about no perve spreadin’ the word about hittin’ a nerve like punch that goes swerve…Blah, blah, blah!” That wasn’t what I saw at all.

What I saw was borderline horrifying. It was artistic. It was expressive. It got the point across: Domestic violence is both horrid and sick. I didn’t see any parades or banners praising the video’s content. I didn’t see a public message at the end praising spousal beatings. I saw a video expressing the disturbing issue of domestic violence. So, because of that I feel it necessary to give my own public message. This message is orientated towards the press. Here we go:

Will you moronic, worthless, tired old excuse of a writer(s) please go back to the dictionary and look up the word glorifies? The video did not honor domestic violence. It did not make glorious or praise spousal beatings. Just because someone does a video about domestic violence it does not automatically make it a glorification. Let me repeat that statement, but this time with emphasis: Just because someone does a video about domestic violence it does not automatically make it a glorification! The video in itself is art. It is expressing a real problem in our society. Eminem, despite my arguments about his lacking intelligence, is obviously not making a statement about going out and gleefully beating your man or woman! God as my witness, are you all a bunch of grade school dropouts? I thought most of you were college educated. When the movie Scream came out was it a glorification of high school murder? Ok, maybe a bad example. How about this: When the movie Schindler’s List came out did it glorify Nazi concentration camps? Was it preaching that this was glorious? Did it give the Nazi’s praise for their actions? No, just because Steven Spielberg made the film didn’t mean he was glorifying it. Instead, he was showing through picture and sound how horrifying it was. Even though this little music video isn’t on the same level, it’s definitely trying to accomplish the same goal. It’s showing something bad and asking the hard question of why this is acceptable, when it clearly shouldn’t be.

Develop your own opinion, and watch the video below.


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One Response to I Love the Way the Press Are Dumb Liars–Featuring Eminem and Rihanna

  1. Colby Mathal says:

    Located your blog via google the other day and absolutely enjoy it. Keep up the good work.

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