I Have a Big Weiner!

I have to admit: I get a near hard-on when I see a politician lose their cool on the floor of the house. I’m use to seeing Tim Ryan from Ohio get theatrical, but in a rather calculated, intellectual way. This time around, it was Anthony Weiner (His name is almost too perfect!). During a debate about a bill that would provide health care to people who became ill after they worked on the clean up of the aftermath of 9/11, Weiner became completely and totally unglued. I thought he might actually attack a colleague for a moment.

Whether you agree or disagree with the debate you may find it rather entertaining that Weiner came unhinged. Of course, maintaining the box of professional decorum is important in the political arena. In order to be taken seriously one must appear to be both serious and polished. Of course, it probably would have served Weiner better to intelligently point out the ineffective nature of the republican constituents with the elections so close (Coming this November). 

But let’s be real here. It’s really, really fun to watch someone come totally unglued!


About Modern American Man

I'm a blogger from the Pacific Northwest who wants to create dialogue about American culture.
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